17 Feb 2011

Dinner meeting: Speaker: Dr Alan Yu

District Conference will be held on 19-20 March 2011 at HK Convention Centre.
Club 888 raffle draw 2010-2011 will be held on 5th May, we need to finalize the prize list on 18th Feb, but we only have half of the prizes.
District Bowling Tournament will be held on 13 March (Sunday) at Thunder Bowl, Whampao, Kowloon.  Registration fee will be HK$1500 per team (3 players).

President Stephen presented the donation of HK$150,000 to PP Nick and PP Peter, which was the donation from our club to Leprosy Project.

The speaker today was Dr. Alan Yu, his topic was “Laser in Dentistry”.  Dr. Yu received the Doctor of Dental Surgery from University of Toronto, Canada and has practiced for 25 years.  Dr. Yu explained to us the fundamentals of laser surgery and how it is used in dentistry.  Laser dentistry can be a precise and effective way to perform many dental procedures. The potential for laser dentistry to improve dental procedures rests in the dentist’s ability to control power output and the duration of exposure on the tissue (whether gum or tooth structure), allowing for treatment of a highly specific area of focus without damaging surrounding tissues.

The benefits of Laser Dentistry include:

* Procedures performed using soft tissue dental lasers may not require sutures (stitches).
* Certain laser dentistry procedures do not require anesthesia.
* Laser dentistry minimizes bleeding because the high-energy light beam aids in the clotting (coagulation) of exposed blood vessels, thus inhibiting blood loss.
* Bacterial infections are minimized because the high-energy beam sterilizes the area being worked on.
* Damage to surrounding tissue is minimized.
* Wounds heal faster and tissues can be regenerated.

Our Sergeant at arms, Rtn Maud collected HK$1,500.9 for raffle and fines.  Rtn Maud’s father got the raffle prize as a bottle of red wine.

Dr Alan Yu spoke on laser dentistry.