28 Jan 2010

Getting out of the mold and turning weakness into strength! A future for learning in HK?

Dr. Jadis Bluton gave a talk entitled “Getting out of the mold and turning weakness into strength! A future for learning in HK.” A clinical/developmental psychologist
and principal of The Harbour School, Dr. Bluton said “each child is unique, and every child has his or her own set of interests, desires, personality characteristics, goals, motivations, strengths and weaknesses.”

This philosophy is put into practice each and every day at The Harbour School, where an attempt is made to customize classes to the unique style, needs, abilities and skills of each child. Since coming to Hong Kong in 1996, she founded and serves as the
clinical director of Therapy Associates (HK) Limited, is the Past President of the Hong Kong Psychotherapy Society, and, for the past two years, has also served as the educational leader and Principal of The Harbour School and Director of The Children’s Institute of Hong Kong. She is the recent recipient of the 2009 American Chamber of Commerce’s Ira Dan Kaye Community Service Award in Hong Kong.

Dr. Blurton also was one of the organizers of the 2008 FOCUS Conference on “unleashing the potential” of students with special learning needs held at Cyberport. This conference was the first of its kind in Hong Kong to bring together physicians, educators, and parents to learn about state-of-the art research into attentional and learning disorders and modern methodologies for addressing such needs in the classroom and at home. The unifying theme in all of Dr. Blurton’s work has been her love of
children, her profound commitment to understanding individual differences through her work with children and families in both a therapeutic setting and through rigorous scientifically-based assessments, and her devotion to improving educational opportunities for all students.

Rtn Martin came with Andrew, PP George brought Mr. Phil Mayer to join us. PP Joop Litmaath form Rotary Club of Hong Kong and PP Petro Ching from Rotray Club of Hong Kong City North joined our meeting


Rotary Club of Yokohama Midori invited us to join their 40th year’s anniversary celebration on 19 March at Yokohama, Japan.
The Robin De Morgan Putting Competition will be held on 4th Feb at Golf Club
Club 888 Lucky Draw will be held on 22 May 2010. A sample ticket will be ready soon.
The 50th District Conference will be held on 17 & 18 April 2010 at Hong Kong Disneyland, please register online.
We collected $1.180 for raffle and fines, The raffle prizes were fortune books donated by PP George and the winners was his friend, Mr. Phil Mayer, who already has a copy and so donated the prize back to our club.



President Peter with speaker Dr Jadis Blurton

Dr. Jadis Blurton

PP George’s guest Mr. Phil Mayer won the lucky draw.