23 Aug 2012

Lunch Meeting: Speaker: DG Kenneth Wong

We had two birthday boys today, they were Rtn Michael Lam and Rtn Praveen Daswani, and also we celebrated with Rtn Praveen on the arrival of his newborn baby girl, Hema.

DG Kenneth Wong and District Officers including DGE Eugene, AG Eddie, CDS Peter Pang, DS HW, DAG Eric and DDS Heman visited us and met with our Board Members before the lunch.

DG Kenneth said that Rotary International President Sakuji Tanaka made “Peace Through Service” the theme of the current Rotary year. He has the vision of having each of the 1.2 million Rotarians in the world be the builders of Peace.  Peace is the ultimate consequence of all the humanitarian service efforts that Rotarians undertake in more than 200 countries and regions in the world.

In the last Rotary year, our District has installed 6 water filtration units in 6 schools in poor villages in China.  Using the latest technology in ultra-filtration these units filter out bacteria and insoluble contaminants in water.  DG Kenneth inspected these water filtration units in April, which were installed a few months earlier, and to check on the quality of drinking water there and how well these filtration units perform.  Thank you to Rotary, they have clean water that is available to them right now.

DG Kenneth will never forget the look on the faces of the children as they turned on the tap and found crystal clear water running which they could drink with the confidence that the water is safe and would not make them sick.

DG Kenneth was pleased to announce that in the current Rotary year, Rotary clubs in our district will give support to a district water project and together we shall install 40 water filtration units in 40 schools in poor villages outside of Xi’an, China. More than 40,000 students and teachers will benefit from this worthwhile project.

After a presentation of coming District events, DG Kenneth presented a Paul Harris Fellowship to PE Adrian, Benefactor recognition to Rtn Michael Wan and Bequest Society Membership to President Michael Chiu and Rtn Michael Wan.

Our Sergeant, Rtn Al collected HK$2,790 for raffle and fines, DG Kenneth drew the raffle gift as a Rotary Moon Cake Coupon and the winner was DDS Heman.