07 Apr 2011

Lunch meeting: speaker Ms Marjory Vendramini of Cradle of Hope Orphanage in Macau

President Stephen inducted a new member today:  Dirk von Czarnowski, his classification was Chemist and was proposed by PP Peter.
The speaker today was Mrs. Marjory Vendramini from Cradle of Hope Association, Macau (http://www.cradleofhope.org.mo).  Marjory and Jorge Vendramini have always committed themselves to working with children and youth; Marjory having previously worked with street children in Brazil. In 1993, after consulting with the Macau government, Marjory and Jorge moved to Macau, where they felt they could make a difference. Months passed before they read in a local newspaper about a one day old baby who was found in a trash can. Rats had bitten the young baby and a cleaner hearing his cries had investigated and rescued him. Feeling compassion, Jorge and Marjory prayed for help for the baby and after contacting Macau Social Welfare the then 2 month old baby was delivered to their home and stayed under their care until he was adopted into a loving family. This young boy would become the first of many children to be given the “Cradle of Hope” loving care.

Soon after, many more babies and young children were in need of care and shelter. These little ones were cared for in Jorge and Marjory’s own apartment and with the help of many Christian churches they were able to provide the care these children deserved. It was quickly apparent that the apartment in which they were living was too small for the growing number of children needing love and shelter. In 1994 the Social Welfare Institute of Macau (IAS), realizing the enormous role Jorge and Marjory were playing in caring for these babies, rented a bigger apartment and “Cradle of Hope”, a foster Home for abandoned babies and children under 3 years old was established. Only three years later a bigger facility was urgently required and in 1997, the IAS donated a new facility.

As many of the children were growing up and approaching 3 years of age, Marjory and Jorge prayed for facilities that could accomodate their now older children, in addition to the younger children still coming into their care. In 1998 The Oriental Foundation answered their prayers and a new Home, called “Fountain of Hope” was opened to care for children from 3 to 14 years old. There were twenty-four children in this original “Fountain of Hope” facility. As every parent will know, as children grow so does their need for space and a different style of care. As time went by it again became apparent continued care and support in a residential setting would be needed for children over 14 years. In 2007 Macau Social Welfare built a purpose built home which could now care for 50 children 6 to 18yrs old.

In 2009, it was time for expansion for “Cradle of Hope” - the facilities for the littlest of the children in the association and Marjory and Jorge’s care. With the support of Macau Social Welfare “Cradle of Hope” is excited to be expanding to new premises to accommodate the 34 abandoned babies and children at risk from 0 to 6yrs.
Rtn Curtis from Rotary Club of Conway Arkanasas, US donated US$200 to Cradle of Hope Association, also, our club members raised another US$800 to the Association.  And Rtn Curtis exchanged his club banner with

Ms Marjory Vendramini of Cradle of Hope Orphanage in Macau

President Peter and Rtn Ernie welcome new RCHKS Rtn Dirk.

President Peter and Rtn Curtis from Rotary Club of Conway Arkanasas exchange banners.