24 Jan 2013

Lunch meeting: Speaker: Principal Fung Pik Yee

The birthday boy today was President Michael, PP Thomas presented him with a bottle of red wine as a birthday gift and IPP Martin led us to sing the birthday song to President Michael.

PP Francesco organised our annual Robin de Morgan Putting Competition before the lunch meeting; we had 10 participants join the game.  The 2nd runner up was PP Francesco, the 1st runner up was PP Mike and the winner was PP Peter Barrett.  PP Francesco presented a bottle of Champagne to the winner.

The speaker today was Principal Fung Pik Yee of Aplichau Kaifong Primary School, who spoke about “The Long Relationship between Rotary Club and Aplicahu Kaifong Primary School”.  Principal Fung introduced the school to us:  they have 165 students, most of them are from ‘grass root’ families, 72 percent o the students are from low-income families. 

Our club works with the school to help the “Good Habit for Daily Food and Drink Scheme”.  RCHKS contacted Foodlink Foundation to provide bread for the students. The school encourages students to have nutritious food every day while cutting down on fried foods. Students need to record what they’ve eaten comprehensively and are rewarded with small prizes for their participation.

Additionally, our club coordinated with Bank of East Asia and Crossroads to provide Reuse / Recycling of IT equipment fo the school.

Our Sergeant PP Thomas collected HK$1,120 for raffle and fines. Principal Fung drew the raffle number and PP Peter won a nice box of chocolates.

PP Peter Barrett wins!