24 Feb 2011

Wong Shui Hung & Anna Lui: Donation report from Aberdeen Kaifong Welfare Association

District Conference will be held on 19-20 March 2011 at HK Convention Centre.
We will have our Spring Dinner on 17th March 2011, Thursday night, at HK Golf Club, Deep Water Bay.
We will have Annual Dinner on 5th May 2011, Thursday night at Top Deck.
District Bowling Tournament will be held on 13 March (Sunday) at Thunder Bowl, Whampao, Kowloon.  Registration fee will be HK$1500 per team (3 players).

President Stephen was out of town, IPP Peter was our Acting President today.
Birthday boy today was Rtn Ernie, PP Paul led us to sing a birthday song to him and Acting President IPP Peter presented a bottle of red wine to Rtn Ernie.

The speaker today were Mrs. FOK WONG Shui-hung and Ms. Anna LUI, whose topic was “Donation from
Rotary Club of Hong Kong South Enrich HLEC’s service”.  Shui Hung introduced their agency first.  Aberdeen Kai-fong Welfare Association was established in 1950; their vision is to provide quality service and strive for excellence in the social service sector.  They currently have 18 service units in the Southern District.

Our Club donated HK$120,000 to one of their service units, Harmony Life Enrichment Centre, which is a self-financing centre established in January 2008. The mission of the centre is to enhance holistic growth through quality counselling and training services.

At the end of the project, our funding helped the centre conduct 7 talks and workshops with 424 participants and provided 35 beneficiaries with more than 300 hours of counseling services.

Their clients commented:  “If there was no sponsorship, we would be great hesitation to receive counselling in Harmony Life Enrichment Centre due to the financial consideration. The half price counselling fee sponsorship was a substantial encouraging force facilitating us to receive counselling support at the early stage of our problems. Without the on time counselling support, we might have delayed attending to our problems.”

Our Sergeant at arms, PP Tobi collected HK$1,040 for raffle and fines.  PP George donated two Fortune Books of the year of Rabbit as raffle prizes, and Rtn Joe and PP Peter were the winners.