27 Oct 2011

Ms. Natalia Sierant and Ms. Sabrina Behm from FunRaising Events Ltd

We had a birthday boy today, DDS Francesco; President Martin led us in singing happy birthday to him. 

We had visiting Rotarian PDG Raymond from Rotary Club of Bogota, Colombia visit us with his wife and we presented our banner to him.

The speakers today were Ms. Natalia Sierant and Ms. Sabrina Behm from FunRaising Events Ltd to introduce their company and service to us.

Their Office in Hong Kong opened in September 2009 with a team of experienced managers ready to help worthy charities in the Asia Pacific region.  They are replicating their UK service for charities and event companies in Asia.  Since September, they have had the pleasure of working with some incredible organisations, which enabled to raise in excess of over HKD $4,157,779 for charity.

They mainly through auction to raise fund for the charity.
- The Silent Auction
A Silent Auction is where guests place their bid discreetly on a bid form rather than signaling the auctioneer.
They prefer the ‘Sealed Bid’ technique, which limits bidders to one bid on an item, has consistently proved to raise more money for Charity. It allows multiple sales, a more efficient collection of monies, less intrusion to the event, quicker conclusion, less conflict with the Live Auction and its FUN!
As guests arrive, their staff chats to them about the Silent Auction; letting them know how to bid and information about the items on offer.  The items are displayed in the corner of the function room and are walked round the tables once guests are seated.  Bidders complete the silent auction form (they will each have one on their seats) and their staff collect these by the end of the meal.
Once all the forms are in, their team informs the highest bidders that they have won, collect payment and take them their item.

- The Live Auction
A Live Auction is hosted by an auctioneer and is usually one of the concluding parts of the event.  Live Auction items tend to be of high value, from holidays to unlimited pizza for a year.  Bidders signal the auctioneer to participate and often you see tables competing against each other to win.
Whilst the auctioneer is entertaining the guests and drawing out their bids, their team work behind the scenes, helping the auctioneer spot bidders, exhibiting the item and processing the winning bidders without interrupting the flow of the auctioneer.

DDS Francesco practiced auction immediately, he offered two opera tickets of 6th November for auction, and Natalia got the tickets for HK$1,000.

We collected HK$820 for raffle and fines.  PP Paul won the prize as a pack of chocolate and PP Danny won the prize as fortune book donated by PP George.