25 Jan 2012

The Secrets of the New North Korea

Today we had PP Paul Young as our birthday boy, as usual, we sang the birthday song and presented a bottle of red wine to him.  PP Paul was so kind to treat us to champagne to celebrate his birthday. The speakers today were Rtn John Ball and DDS Francesco Cavazzoni; their topic was “The Secrets of the New North Korea”.  They visited Pyongyang, North Korea in November 2011.

DDS Francesco and Rtn John visited Democratic People’s Republic of Korea with DG David and other thirty Rotarians on 5th November to 8th November 2011.  They flew to Beijing on the 5th of November and arrived in Pyongyang on the same day.  They visited Kumsusan Memorial Palace, Pyongyang Orphanage, Pyongyang Red Cross Hospital and the Kaeson Youth Park.  The entire team of 34 visitors were accompanied by a team of 8 monitors to look after them.  With the photos from Rtn John, we got some insight into the secretive nation of North Korea.  DDS Francesco said it was really strange that there were no street lights at night—-the whole world was dark and he could not even see the road.  With limited resources, there are very few cars on the road at any time of day. 

We collected HK$590 for raffle and fines.  PP Gary Cheung got the raffle prizes as a box of Chinese cookies.